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I would like to invite you to our summer basketball camps here at Lewis Central. We have a couple of different options available for boys of all skill levels and development. As always, we are looking to improve the skills of our youth players in preparation for the future of basketball here at Lewis Central. I truly value the opportunity to work with your son at these camps as my time and availability are limited during the season. I hope to have the opportunity to work with your son and spend some time helping him improve this summer. Thanks for your support of Titan basketball and our program!

Dan Miller
Head Boys Basketball Coach

Fundamentally Driven Hoop School- Intensive skill training focused on skill development in the areas of passing, dribbling, and shooting. This camp will be directed by Dan Miller & Chris Hanafan. Cost is $85, and includes a t-shirt.

Dates are as follows:Boys- Grade in 17-18
Boys Hoop School- June 11, 12, 13

Gr. 3-4- 12:30-2 PM

Gr. 5-6- 2-3:30 PM

Gr. 7-8- 3:30-5 PM


Lewis Central Boy's Basketball Camp
This basketball camp will focus on skill development but will also include fun and games for all participants. This camp will be directed by the Varsity basketball staff and players.. Cost is $50 and includes a t-shirt.

Dates are as follows:Boys- Grade in 16-17

Boys Bball Camp- June 6, 7, 8

Gr. 2-5- 8-10 AM

Gr. 6-8- 10:30-12:30


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Practice Changes and Cancellations
--Posted 11/06/2013

Please be understanding of the Practice Changes and Cancellations that can and will occur throughout the year. Gym space has to be shared with other school organizations and in many cases they are official school activities and take priority over us. We will attempt to update the practice schedule on Sunday nights for each upcoming week.

Parent Contract
--Posted 11/06/2013

Please read the parent contract at some point as we begin game play. You do not have to sign it and turn it in I would simply ask that you look it over. I understand that emotions can run high, but the people coaching these teams are volunteers. Please observe the 24 hour rule if you have questions. Do not confront the coach after the game, that is not appropriate behavior and does not help any situation following competition. Also, please represent our program with class and dignity as we watch our boys compete. Thanks for your attention to this matter. Coach Miller

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