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I am writing to you in regard to the Junior Titan Basketball Program we have here at Lewis Central. This will be my thirteenth season here at Lewis Central, and I feel it is important we all work together to make our program the best it can be. How is this accomplished? I believe all boys planning on playing basketball for Lewis Central should be working on the same skills and fundamentals taught at the high school level. I believe this can only best be accomplished with an in house program and through the hard work and dedication from a number of volunteers.


The Program Philosophy:


I firmly believe it is important for all players to compete against and play with players of equal ability. At the younger ages this can be difficult to assess, but as players get older I believe it becomes apparent and offers all players the best chance of improvement. We will have teams participating in and around the Council Bluffs/Metro area in leagues and tournaments appropriate to each player’s ability level.  It is important to me that we provide opportunities for all skill levels that will challenge each player, and provide a chance for improvement. I understand that some people do not agree with separating players according to ability at such a young age, however, I believe and we have tried many different ways of having players on teams and have found this to be the best way for this program. Are all players of equal ability? No, they are not, and that is ok. We are concerned with raising the level of play here at Lewis Central, and I feel this program is for the recreation and improvement of all players. At the same time, we value competition and the learning of fundamental skills and development as players.


The Coaches:


The exciting thing for me as the varsity coach is the opportunity to work with youth coaches and players in the teaching and learning of our varsity system all the way down to 1st grade. Something new to the program this year is the appointing of grade level coordinators to help in the implementation of drills and skills, as well as the appointment of coaches. The people placed in these spots are people that I have full confidence in, and these men have been willing to give a great deal of time to the development of your son as a basketball player. I ask that you give them your full support as the season moves forward. In the lower grades it is our hope to teach drills and skills that we hope our players have in the future. I believe we have a great group of coaches that have volunteered their time to teach skills to our younger grades. It is our hope to develop continuity throughout our program which will improve the level of play for all our athletes. As players get older, it will become more competitive, and we will work to make the program successful on all levels. The skills and philosophy taught will be coming from our varsity staff in hopes of educating and preparing our boys for high school basketball. This is not an exact science, but we will do our best to put each player in a position to improve and work under the direction of coaches appointed by the varsity staff and grade level coordinators.


Where does the money go?


As I stated earlier, it takes a lot of people willing to participate and work to that end. I am proud of the fact that we have used Junior Titan money to purchase equipment for plyometric, strength, and agility training equipment for all ages of athletes here at Lewis Central. Funds are also used for new hoops uniforms, equipment, jerseys, coach’s boards, bags, basketballs, tournament/league fees. With over 200+ players involved in this program, I am pleased to be able to present our kids with an opportunity to improve for a cost significantly cheaper than other area programs.


I thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.



Dan Miller

Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Lewis Central High School

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